Ralston: `Neymar is just another player on the field!`

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The debutant for Celtic in the Champions League, Anthony Ralston said that he wasn`t afraid of Neymar and he does not care who he plays against.

Last night both went a couple of times in a collision during a match mentioned by football livescores between Paris Saint-Germain and the Clovers, which the French won with 5:0.

Ralston harshly attacked the Brazilian star, who answered him showing three fingers because of the outcome of the match, and the two exchanged words and then Neymar refused to congratulate his opponent. The 18-year-old Scottish player, however, demonstrated self-confidence.

`I am not afraid of him at all. He is just another player on the field against me. I do not put him on the pedestal. I think I did okay with him and similar matches will only make me better.`, said Ralston.

`Against such players, you should act in that way in order to be aware of what awaits them. That is part of the psychological battle. We really exchanged words, but that happens in football. I don`t think he refused to greet me. I just left and I did not offer him my hand. I am not worried and I was glad because the experience was great.`, he added.

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