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If you are an experienced punter, then you probably know that gambling is uncertain, in general. You may have access to tons of information and still not to be able to use it in the right way. You could be misled by various factors, especially if you skip some important details in forming your own football predictions. Not to mention that surprises may happen any time.

No matter if you are an advanced punter or a beginner you’d better rely on some guidance in order to gain sure profit from soccer picks. A sport betting is a particularly easy way to win money, if you use professional football tips in the long term by Football 365 picks.

Football is our passion and that is why we have found a way to turn it into our job for releasing football predictions every day 365 times a year. We provide football tipping service with very high confidence! We work hard every day in order to reach our goal to please you – our customers! Your satisfaction of our football picks is the most important thing for us and our best recognition!

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on: 13 06 2024, 20:45 +1 GMT
St. Patricks - Shamrock Rovers
League: Ireland , Premier Division

on: 13 06 2024, 20:45 +1 GMT
Galway - Drogheda
League: Ireland , Premier Division

Types of football predictions offered on our site

1X2 – that is the most common kind of a bet available in all the bookmakers and used for football prediction – land based or online. It is really simple – you have to predict with purchased soccer tips whether the hosts or the guests will get the victory. The last possible option is a draw, of course. So, the possibility for you to win is around 33%. Consider the fact that we have done a lot of research and we have made relevant conclusions that could be trusted and our soccer predictions are very confident.

In some cases, the prediction may be the so-called ‘double chance’: 1X or X2, meaning a home win or a draw and a draw or a victory of the visiting team. That option naturally increases your chances to win, therefore sometimes it is preferable.

Under/Over – this type of a bet is also very common and used in many good soccer picks. The purpose is not to guess the final result of the game, but the total number of hits scored during the whole match. So, the variants could be various as the most popular is under/over 2.5 goals. You are wondering what this mean exactly? Well, since there is no such thing as a half goal, here is the brief explanation: if there are 1 or 2 goals in a total (no matter which team has scored them), then it means ‘under 2.5 goals’. On the other hand, if the players made more hits (3, 4, 5 and so on), then the results is ‘over 2.5 goals’. All that information and definitions are part of soccer picks service of every football tipster.

Asian Handicap – this may seem too unfamiliar to you, but the truth is that Asian Handicap is very profitable! We are not going to waste your time with a detailed review of all the chances of football picks that this betting option gives you. You can find special tables, illustrating them, on the websites of the most prestigious online bookies or livescore sites. The only essential you need to know right now is that Asian Handicap is not as complex as it sounds. You should use it more often while betting, especially when you count on our reliable football picks!