An unexpected turn in the UK (Leipzig)

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The former participant in the Champions League RB (Leipzig) was left without a coach today. Ralph Hahnemhleth has left the club after not knowing the leadership for a new contract, Kicker said.

The club analyzed by answers for football picks confirmed the separation, but they specified that this happened at the request of the mentor, and they themselves wanted him to carry out his contract, which was until 2019.

Just three days ago the sports directorRalph Rangnik announced that the specialist certainly remained at the helm of the red bulls. Hagenhuttle was among Bayern (Munich) who had been interviewed in the winter, but he refused to take over the team.

The former Ingolstadt 04 mentor stood at the head of the RB when he entered the First Bundesliga in the summer of 2016, and in their debut season ranked second. In a recent campaign in the German elite, Leipzig finishes sixth and will play in Europa League.

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