Abramovich is questioning the Chelsea Project for the first time

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Today, Roman Abramovich is no longer the richest owner of a Premier League club and his tactics Shock and Terror of the Transfer Market, which has been in place since the middle of the last decade, has long since been in the past, yet the devotion of the Russian billionaire to the modern post-2003There was no doubt at all for Chelsea.
Meanwhile, he took extravagant decisions -;some of them fantastic, others (as in the Avram Grant era) more like a spoiled child;but there had never been any anticipation of a change in ownership of the club, or even of the sale of a minority share. Abramovich wanted to create a sense of permanence and longevity in his position in British public life and, despite the rises and occasionally the fall of the blue, he managed to maintain resilience in this respect.

The announcement by the club that the implementation of the project for the new Stamford Bridge stadium is currently postponed -;as a result analyzed by record of football picks of the postponement of the renewal of the British visa to the billionaire, is significant in that he for the first time has clearly and publicly withdrawn from the Chelsea Project. Adding to the salience of the saga about the appointment of Maurizio Sarri as a new manager plus the unclear desire of the team`s auspices, such as Tibor Courtoa and Eden Hazard, to leave as soon as possible, the situation suddenly becomes annoying to the fans.
The construction of the new Stamford Bridge in any case promised to be a rather difficult process and was about to become, with a difference, the most expensive in British football history and would require absence from the club`s home for a period of three years.
By pressing the pause button, Abramovich virtually refused to address Chelsea`s substantive problem of long-term sustainability as one of the new forces in English and European football. This is not a question that can be ignored, but as he does, the Russian has retreated from the process of taking the bloody into a new era as the stadium would be the last and finishing element of the overall reversal of Chelsea`s status to onefrom the elite clubs.

Ever since he came, his future directors have constantly placed a new stadium at the heart of Chelsea`s long-term stability. The current Stamford Bridge, with its capacity of 41, 600 seats, is not even in the Top 60 of the biggest stadiums in Europe. In order to have a turnover justifying the cost of the Financial Fairplay of an elite club, the Blues need 60, 000 seats and the VIP capacity as other London competitors, Arsenal, Tottenham and West Ham have achieved with repairs to their stadiums or moving elsewhere.
The reconstruction of Stamford Bridge would cost at least ? 1bn and would include deep digging to increase capacity plus construction work over the subway line tracks that divide the stadium from the West Brompton Cemetery. The plans were stunning, with details such as brick columns and asymmetrical shapes that made the facility distinguished by the majority of homogeneous stadium designs in our time.

It would have been easier for Chelsea to sell its 113-year-old home and move to the area

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