Football tipster Neymar:I may be a little crazy, but I`m not stupid

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Brazilian superstar Pari Saint-Germain Neymar gave an interview for Canal +. The Parisian scorer paid attention to the ongoing transfer rumors related to his name as well as his development as a player and personality in recent years. In 2017 Ne went from Barcelona to PSG, with the French paying a record 222 million euros for his rights. There are always speculations that concern me. Whether I leave Paris and where will I go? But there is nothing concrete about it. When there is something concrete and real, then I will speak, Neymar commented.

Lastly, the lies in my address do not just stop but grow and become more and more insane. They blame me for taking drugs on New Year`s Eve. People think there are no limits to me. Yes, I am a very arrogant. I may be a little mad, but I`m not stupid, `Nei said.

And at the same time, I`m happy to be talking about me. Because if my name is in the mouths of people, then it is clear that I have qualities and that I belong among the best. I am now much more relaxed. I`m more mature and that allows me to do better with any situation, says former Barcelona player, who has 19 goals and 9 assists in 19 PSG matches according football365picks this season in the League One and Champions League.

The 26-year-old has also paid attention to his performance at the 2018 World Cup in Russia and his adaptation to French football. Neymar is categorical that he has not simulated and replayed at any time during the championship of the planet, and indeed the violations against him were so cruel. With regard to League 1, he notes that things have happened much easier than he actually expected.

I feel at home in Paris, the star says, and adds that he is extremely respectful of his coach in Paris, Tomas Touchel, and respects the honesty and faith he demonstrates to him.

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