Football predictions St Petersburg restaurant enjoys tremendous success with players` pizzas

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A restaurant in St. Petersburg is trying to get the attention of football fans who come for World Cup matches in the city after offering pizza with the faces of some of the most famous players. Just before the Sochi semifinal match analyzed by football predictions between Uruguay and Portugal, visitors to the HopHead Tap Room bar in the city of Neva have the opportunity to get Luis Suarez at their tables and have a bite to eat.

The Uruguay national team record holder came to the 2018 World Cup to dispel memories of the famous bite of Italy defender Giorgio Chiellini at the previous Brazil Cup four years ago. Naturally, Portuguese star Cristiano Ronaldo is the other great football player to be crafted by master chef Valerie Maximczyk in another unique art pizza. Both the chef and the waiters acknowledge that eating players are a huge hit among people, and the establishment enjoys heavy attendance. `It really tastes like it`s a different pizza, ` said a satisfied customer while eating Suarez`s face.

Each such star-studded football pizza takes almost two hours to carefully arrange and cut. The dough is cooked, then colored, and the cheese is melted in place. `We started making these pizzas in connection with the World Cup, of course. But we love and support football and want to show our attitude in this way, ` said Chef Maximchik, who separately made pizzas with the faces of the Russian nationalcoach Stanislav Cherchevov and the team`s striker Artyom Dziuba.

`My main job is to make pizzaiolo, but it is a hobby that gives me pleasure and I like the hobby without a doubt.

He promises a long time ahead to make pizzas with the faces of each of the Russian needles if the team wins the World Cup.

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