Football picks Rivera is the first unanimous choice in the Hall of Fame, with three more coming in `19

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Panamanian Mariano Rivera became the first unanimously elected member in the 83-year history of the Baseball Hall of Fame. The legendary New York Yankees cloister fell into each of the 425 North American Baseball Journalists Association (BBWAA) questionnaires and surpassed the current record of 99. 3% support for Ken Griffith Jr. in 2016 (437 of 440 bulletins).

In addition to the 49-year-old former pitcher, another 75 Major League Baseball veterans crossed the 75% mark in the BBWAA vote this year;Edgar Martinez (85, 5%), the late Roy Chaladee (85, 4%) and Mike Musina (76, 7%). The four newcomers join the Hall of Fame Issue `19 broadcast by a special committee broadcast in December by Lee Smith and Harold Baines, all of which will be inducted into the Cooperstown Museum on July 21.

`It`s just beyond my imagination. Even if I was discussing the Hall of Fame is an honor, and being a unanimous choice is just amazing. It`s hard for me to say how I feel, ` said Rivera, who spent all his 19a career in the Premier League with the Yankees uniform (1995-2013). `Mariano was both a fierce fighter and a humble champion who made him such a beloved baseball legend -; commented on NY co-owner Yankees Hal Steinbrenner. `; `Success and fame never changed Mariano, teammates and rivals make this day a true feast of his covenant. There will be many more great and talented rivals, but there will never be another like him. `

Mo was proposed to vote for the first time, as was Chaladee, who died in a plane crash with his personal seaplane in 2017. For Musina, this was the sixth appearance in the poll, while Martinez was on the list for the 10th and last year. Fred McGrigef also reached his 10-year limit, receiving 169 votes (39. 8%) in his final by football video live appearance and staying out of the Chamber, at least for now. Included for the seventh time in the poll, doped greats Roger Clemens and Barry Bonds continued to increase their results from previous votes, but are still far from the required threshold -;respectively, 253 votes (59, 5%) and 251 votes (59, 1%).

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