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Chelsea recorded a sixth consecutive championship win and temporarily climbed into second place in the standings. Frank Lampard`s team won the 2-0 London derby with Crystal Palace. Tammy Abraham scored her tenth goal in the Championship since the start of the season after finding the score in the 52nd minute. Christian Pulisic also continued in good form. The American signed in the 79th minute and ensured the success of the Blue.

Lampard continues to rely on the young. His current title team is the youngest in the history of a Premier League match club analyzed by record of football picks with an average age of 24 years and 88 days. The debut of the championship was made by 19-year-old right-back Rice James, who impressed during the week when he entered as a reserve against Ajax. Gary Cahill did return to Stamford Bridge for the first time since leaving the Blue.

Chelsea started very actively, and in the second minute came a dangerous situation in front of the guest door. Lampard`s team had a serious advantage and looked for holes in the opponent`s defense. After a free kick by Willian, the ball went near the beam. After failing to score early, the hosts slowed their pace. They continued to take advantage of the ball, but Palace managed to counteract their attacks. At the very end of the first half, Chelsea was close to opening the score, but Cahill intervened decisively. After the break the situation did not change much. The difference, however, was that Chelsea scored in the 52nd minute. An excellent attack that went through Kovacic and Willian was completed by Abraham, who scored his tenth goal in the league since the start of the season. The attack led to a new strong period for the hosts, who put their opponent under serious pressure. An hour later, Pulisic fired, but the visitors` goalkeeper Guita intervened magnificently, preventing a second goal.

The fragile lead gave the hopes of Crystal Palace, which came out a little and made some good attacks. In the 79th minute, however, the Blue largely secured the three points. Christian Pulisic scored his first goal at Stamford Bridge. The American has scored his fifth goal in the last three games after pointing the ball at the net.


1:0-Abraham (52)

2:0-Pulisic (79)

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