Football prediction Messi pulled out at the last minute victory from the hands of Suarez in the derby between Argentina and Uruguay

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A goal by Lionel Messi in the 92nd minute saved Argentina from losing control of Uruguay, played at Bloomfield Stadium in Tel Aviv. The two teams finished 2-2, playing a true South American derby despite the friendly nature of the match. The main actors in it were Barcelona stars Luis Suarez and Lionel Messi. Both recorded goals and assists. Edinson Cavani and Sergio Aguero have also signed up to make this match analyzed by record of football picks even more interesting.

There have been four changes to Argentina`s lineup since the derby with Brazil. Saravia, Akunya, Dybala and Aguero started, and Voit, Martinez and Lo Selso stayed on the bench for the start. Ocampus missed the match. Just as many rockets were among the 11 of Uruguay compared to controls with Hungary. Campania stood at the door. Caceres, Torreira and Vesino also started.

The big stars of Barcelona Lionel Messi and Luis Suarez, who this time were in the role of rivals, started from the first minute.

Argentina started better and more in possession of the ball, but without reaching special situations. Oscar Tabares had to make a substitution in the 17th minute as Sebastian Coates was injured and replaced by Gonzalez.

In the 20th minute, Uruguay organized a good attack. Vinny punched well to the left and dropped to the ground to Suarez, who caught but got a ricochet at Pesa and the ball ran out the door. A few minutes later, Aguero liberated Caceres very elegantly to the left of Argentina`s attack, but Godin blocked his centering.

In the 34th minute, we witnessed the first accurate shot in the match, and it also resulted in a goal in Argentina`s door. Losano found Torreira on the border of the penalty area. Arsenal`s midfielder, with a very soft and precise centering, passed Talafiko, continuing to Suarez, who with a single touch diverted to Cavani. PSG striker took a close look - 0:1. It was Cavani`s 50th goal for the national team.

Five minutes later, Dybala scored a goal that was duly canceled for his hand-in-hand play before the impact.

At the end of halftime, an exchange of remarks was seen between Messi and Cavani, and according to some information, this conflict continued in the tunnel on the way to the changing rooms. Suarez intervened to quell the tension.

A minute before the end, Lionel Messi got a chance to score a very good foul. He crossed the wall, but Campania caught without much trouble.

Argentina tried pressure at the beginning of the second part. In the 54th minute, Messi pointed the ball to the bottom right corner, but Campania struck out.

In the 63rd minute Argentina equalized after Aguero was missed and scored on a close beam by a Messi free kick 1:1.

Just five minutes later, however, Luis Suarez restored Uruguay`s lead after a good free kick and a particularly precision intervention by Andrada, who touched the ball but failed to stop his way to his goal.

Aguero and Dybala missed a good chance to equalize after firing inaccurately.

In the 90th minute, Campania intervened great and saved Aguero`s headbutt. Seconds later, however, Argentina got a penalty kick to play with Football prediction - more details and information: Football prediction

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