Football predictions Jose Mourinho debuted with success in the London derby

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The return of Jose Mourinho as a manager developed in an excellent way for him. His new Tottenham team won 3-2 against West Ham in a London derby. The Spurs recorded their first win as a guest in the Championship since January.

The Portuguese team dominated almost the entire match and had secured a two-goal advance by the break. Hyun-Min Son opened the score in the 36th minute, and shortly before the break, Lucas Moura made the score 0-2 after the Koreans` submission. At the beginning of the second half, Harry Kane also signed. For him, it was the No. 175 goal for Tottenham, which places him as the third best scorer in the club`s history.

By the end, the Spurs had slowed their pace and could regret it. Mikael Antonio reduced in the 73rd minute, and Ogbona made it 2:3 in the extra time. A minute before the end of regular time, Declan Rice`s hit was canceled for an ambush. There was one, but the judge initially pointed to the center before the intervention of the video distortion system fixed it.

The small difference in points allowed Tottenham to climb from 14th to sixth place in the standings before playing the other rounds. West Ham have recorded a fifth loss in their last six league by record of football picks games, allowing three goals in their door for the third consecutive game and the situation in the club seems increasingly difficult, and the position of Manuel Pellegrini increasingly uncertain.

The Spurs began their first game aggressively under Mourinho. They pressed their opponents, pressing the ball for long periods and trying to get ahold of the opponent. In the beginning, Harry Kane was able to send the ball into the net. However, the dream of a Portuguese start does not materialize. The hit was canceled because the attacker was in the throes of Delle Ali`s filing.

At its first real attack, West Ham reached a dangerous position. Declan Rice`s centering was intercepted by Aller, but the ball deflected from the home side defender and did not hamper Gasaniga. Hammer hammer Roberto can help the opponent. He did not intervene well, the ball reached Sanchez after a cross, but he did not find himself in the net, and in the meantime the side referee raised his flag.

Gradually the Pellegrini team started playing a little more with the ball, but in the 20th minute their opponent got into a good situation. Sleep received the ball from Ali and with a beautiful shot he aimed it at the top left corner of the door. However, Roberto was in place and managed to capture the impact. With the supplement, Moura shoots her head inaccurately. There was a desire in Tottenham`s game, but the ideas coming from the midfield were not many. A great combination between Kane and Ali almost took Son out in the 33rd minute, but Rice intervened at the last minute and cleared. A little later, the Korean discovered the result. Again, Delle Ali was at the heart of the attack, taking out his teammate, and he feinted and then sent the ball past Roberto. The hit gave the guests even more confidence and they picked up the pace for the next few minutes.

The hit gave even more confidence to the guests and they picked up the pace for the next few minutes, and shortly before the break they reached the second hit. Ali rescued a ball of the line and managed to point it at Son, who advanced with ? Football predictions - more details and information: Football predictions

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