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Jurgen Klopp told himself so. He just knew that all this noisy drum beating that Napoli was in decline was too exaggerated. He knew exactly why. Everything is hidden in just two words: Carlo Ancelotti.
It didn`t matter that the Italian club advised by buy football picks was currently at the height of a real civil war and that the president was ready to sell any of his players. It also didn`t matter that the guests had not won a single game since the internal breakup process began.
Klop looks at Ancelotti in awe and considers him perhaps the greatest master in tactical skills and relationships with football players. And at Anfield on Wednesday night, she could see with a simple eye why. It was painful to see.

Prior to the match, the Liverpool manager spoke about the transitions made in his bench rival`s play and his ability to change those transitions flexibly and quickly with each new tactical decision by his opponents. To this end, Clop had warned, Liverpool had to respond with their own transitions in order to adapt and develop their usual tactics to each option offered by his opponent.
In the first half, the European champions just didn`t do it. In fact, in the last two seasons there have been four consecutive games (five if you count the rout in the preseason summer), in which the Reds are unable to deal with the tactical questions asked by Ancelotti at all.

This is almost astonishing. Last year in Naples, Liverpool showed their weakest performance in an otherwise near-perfect season. During this one, he lost again there and still could not find a way to put his deadly attacking trio into play. This Wednesday at Anfield, the nervous audience quickly realized that the picture would be much the same, with Neapolitans again demonstrating the stereotype of their country -;on a team with a dirty and slightly dirty game in defense, taken to a degree of art.
They discouraged and downplayed Liverpool`s midfield as Alan pulled deep to form moments of defense against five close-knit players. Roberto Firmino was suffocated in his typical area of action and the corners for the passages to Mohammed Salah and Sadio Manet were blocked. Without the tireless fantasy player and playmaker from right-back Trent Alexander-Arnold, and Fabinho`s early exit because of a concussion, lack of creativity and running behind the backs of Jordan Henderson, James Milner and Giorgio Veinalpuldum and Giorgio Weinpolddum and conviction. The hosts just beat their heads against the Italian brick wall.

We`ve been looking for a weakness for this strong Liverpool team for a long time, and here`s what we found in this horrible aesthetic of Anfield football night. With accurate transitions in both phases, with the correct system (Ancelotti`s 1-4-4-1-1 in defense with close players in the center vertical and midfielder Di Lorenzo to the right of Maximovic`s step back as Manet`s counter) and withthe ruthless mentality of the Klop boys` wings can be cut off.
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