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The interim 16th round in Ligue 1 brought a lot of joy to the fans of Brest. The team was in a series of 5 games advised by football365picks without a win, but today defeated the visiting Strasbourg by 5-0. Since the beginning of the season Olivier Dahl `Olio had never scored more than two goals and no one expected a similar result, but Strasbourg`s defense workedunder all criticism, and this was not without consequences.

In the 22nd minute, Irwin Cardona passed in parallel to the door of Alexandre Mendy and he found the result. The second goal was made by Christian Batokio at the end of the half. The midfielder shoots a rebound from the boundary of the penalty area, the ball slightly deviates from the football players of the guests and misleads the guard Mats Zelts - 2:0.

In the 53rd minute Batokio again showed that he was the longest shot from long range and scored the third goal for Brest, and a quarter of an hour before the last referee signaled his hat trick after an excellent assist by Matthias Tomorrow. In the extra time, Ferris Ngoma of the penalty shootout completed Strasbourg. Alsazzi is in 15th place with an 18-point asset, while Brest has 21 and climbed to 12th position in the standings.

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