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Atletico Madrid striker Joao Felix received the 2019 Golden Boy Award for best player under the age of 21 in Europe. He collected the largest number of votes in a poll organized by Tutosport, in which journalists from the most respected European sports media took part.

His prize was presented at a stylish ceremony in Turin in front of over 200 guests, not only from the world of football. The young man was accompanied by his agent Jorge Mendes and his half.

Joao Felix wins Golden Boy Award for Best Young Player in Europe

`I dedicate this award to my family, my teammates at Atletico Madrid, as well as those of Benfica, ` said Joao Felix, who was provoked by the question of whether he sees his future at Juventus, where he is playing last year`s winner of the Matthias de Licht prize.

`Cristiano Ronaldo is an idol to me. He is always very kind to me. To share a dressing room in the national team is something amazing for me. It would be nice to play in a club predicted by buy football picks as well, ` said Felix, who described the elimination of Liverpool as possiblein the 1/8 finals of the Champions League.

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