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The Inter team achieved a crushing 4-0 victory over their host Genoa in the 17th round of Serie A. The hits were scored by Romelu Lukaku (31 `71 `), Roberto Gallardini (33 `) and Sebastiano Esposito (64 `e. ).

The first blow of the match came in the 8th minute and was done by 17-year-old Sebastiano Esposito, but Jonutz Radu managed to save him. In the 15th the goalkeeper also managed a shot with the head of Roberto Gallardini after a direct free kick. In the 22nd, a Romanian guard struck another midfielder. In the performance of the subsequent cornerback Antonio Kandreva tries a long shot, which however fell into the arms of Radu.

The pressure of the Nerazzurz finally gave the result advised by record of football picks and they managed to score 2 goals in 3 minutes. In the 31st, Lukaku painted his head after centering Kandreva, and in the 33rd, the Belgian kept the ball in the penalty area and handed it to Galliardini, whose shot proved to be insurmountable for Radu. Kandreva made a good breakthrough in the 37th, but his shot met Lukaku`s body, which three minutes later was also reported with a pass after a hit on the ground.

In the 47th minute after a series of errors in the visitors` defense, the ball went to Lukaku, who found himself alone with the keeper, but his shot was blocked by Radu. In the 60s, Samir Handanovic managed to strike a long shot at Sanabria. In the 64th, the score was 3-0 after Esposito scored from a penalty kick played for Kevin Agudelo`s foul against Gallardini. In this way, the young striker became the second youngest goal scorer in club history (17 years and 172 days) in a match of Kalchoto, second only to Mario Corso (17 years and 97 days).

In the 67th, Handanovic reflected a new dangerous shot by Sanabria, and in the subsequent execution of cornerback Lukaku killed from the goal line a shot from the will of Nicolo Ravel. In the 71st, the Belgian national signed for the second time in a powerful shot under the beam after Kandreva assisted him with a fifth. In the 79th reserve, Valentino Lazaro made a grave mistake, bringing Agudelo alone against the goalkeeper, but the Colombian`s shot went wide of the goal. The last goal line of the match opened up against another home team reserve - Stefano Sensi, who twice failed to add his name to the goalies.

With today`s win, Inter guarantees itself to finish the year as leader in the standings, collecting 42 points. The second Juventus has the same asset but has a worse head difference. Genoa, meanwhile, remains in the penultimate 19th place with just 11 points, and this is expected to be Tiago Moto`s last match at the head of the team.

INTER - Genoa 4:0

1:0 Lukaku (31 `)

2:0 Gallardini (33 `)

3:0 Esposito (64 `d. )

4:0 Lukaku (71 `)

Inter: Handanovic, Screensaver, De Fry, Bastoni, Kandreva, Vesino, Valero, Galliardini, Biragi, Esposito, Lukaku

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