Mladic saved Arsenal, Leicester goes on

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Teenager Edward Neckie ranked Arsenal for the quarterfinals in the League Cup. 18-year-old talent scored two goals for London`s 2-1 victory over Norwich. The Kanarcheta, the sixth in the Championship, led by Josh Murphy and had a chance to score a second shot twice. These flaws were fatal, as Arsenal managed to equalize shortly before the end. Arsene Wenger has made 11 changes to Everton, but putting into play at Necktie has proved crucial. He appeared on the pitch in the 85th minute, and 15 seconds later he leveled. The young striker did 2: 1 in the 96th minute after a head shot, and a little later failed to record and a hat-trick. Leicester also continues ahead after defeating Leeds with 3: 1. The Championship team led the King Power Stadium after a good shot by Pablo Hernandez in the 26th minute. The lead of the guests did not last long, as Kelesi Ioanasso scored his first goal for the `foxes`. Slimani led Leicester forward in the 71st minute after Ianassho`s center, and Reydar Marshall made the final predicted by football365picks 3: 1.

Success increases Michael Appleton`s chances of being appointed permanent manager of the team after he starts with two wins. Bournemouth made a 3: 1 victory at Middlesbrough, while Bristol City`s second division defeated Crystal Palace with a 4-1 win, this being the third Premier League team that eliminates this season.

ARSENAL - NORICH 2: 1 (after extensions)

0: 1 - Murphy (34)

1: 1 - Notkaia (85)

(1) - (1) - (1) - (1) - (1) - (3)(54)

1: 1 - Tabernacle (56)

2: 1 - Wilson (75-e)

3: 1 -Apricot (83)

Bristol Cities - Crystal Palace 4: 1

0: 1 - Saco (21)

1: 1 -

3: 1 - Brian (60)

4: 1 - O u0026 039; Doda (66)

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