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Brazilian football legend Ronaldo, who has played for both Inter and Real Madrid, believes the Spanish champions made a mistake by selling midfielder Ashraf Hakimi to the Nerazzurri. The Moroccan international transferred to Giuseppe Meazza last summer for the sum of 40 million euros and so far he has 6 goals and 4 assists in 17 games in Serie A.

Phenomenon: The derby will not decide the Scudetto, I expect a surprising finale of the season
Are Inter favorites for the Scudetto? They have a great coach and a team with a definite identity. In addition, they will not play in Europe in the spring. This is never a good thing, but I will not be surprised if Inter earn more points than their competitors in March, when the European tournaments predictions by contact with football predictions resume. They signed with an outstanding player in the face of Hakimi. He is among the best additions to Inter for the last decade. Real Madrid made a mistake by allowing him to leave. Sometimes I think, `Ronnie, imagine yourself and him. We were going to play at high speed. `

Antonio Conte? I have never criticized him, but some others do, judging by the messages I receive from time to time. I know that people don`t always like his shifts, but sometimes there are needs that people on the outside can`t see. Such is the fate of coaches. The same thing happens with Andrea Pirlo. People said he had no experience. However, I watched him closely while he was on the field. Pirlo has a more developed intellect. He would never play simple football and the team must follow him. He will need time, but once Juventus give him this job, they will wait for him. Things don`t change overnight.

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