Football tip Manchester City climbed to the top for the first time since August 2019, but only for a short time

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Manchester City reached the top of the Premier League for the first time since August 2019, after the `citizens` won 2-0 Aston Villa in a postponed match of the first round. However, this continued for just over two hours, after Manchester United later beat Fulham and regained first place, albeit with a game more. `Citizens` missed a lot of situations and reached a goal only in the 79th minute, when Bernardo Silva opened the score. The goal was contested by the visitors, who claimed an ambush for Rodri, who was actually behind the defense, but before that the ball was played by Tyrone Mings. Ilkay Gundogan doubled from a penalty in the 90`s.

The `Citizens` are in a series of six consecutive victories in the championship and 16 games without a loss in all tournaments. The Aston Villa team had not played in the league for nearly three weeks. The reason for this was that the entire lineup was quarantined due to the large number of positive results of coronavirus tests. For the last time, the first team of Birmingham played in the championship via football partners on January 1, when they lost 1:2 to `Old Trafford` from Manchester United. Dean Smith made only one change from this match. Ross Barkley replaced El Ghazi in the visitors` midfield. Pep Guardiola made three changes compared to the match with Crystal Palace. Joao Cancello, Rodri and Phil Foden are back among the starters.

Aston Villa played very wisely in the first half. The expected pressure from City was a fact, but except for the first minutes the guests felt comfortable, defended well, but that does not mean that they did not use every opportunity to attack. The `citizens` made 13 strikes, of which only three were accurate. Perhaps the best opportunity was in the fourth minute. Gundogan intercepted a cross from the corner with his head, after which Bernardo Silva shot from two meters, but Martinez managed to save. Villa organized some pretty good counterattacks, but they lacked the right shot. Ross Barkley fired twice dangerously, but in the first case Ederson saved without much trouble, and then the shot of the Englishman was not accurate. After the break, Manchester City continued to easily miss positions. Aston Villa did not stop trying to attack, so the match was still interesting and could seemingly go in any direction. In the 54th minute, Cancello`s shot hit the crossbar, and Gundogan`s shot went dangerously close. Ederson, on the other hand, saved a very dangerous shot by Douglas Lewis. In the 79th minute City managed to break through the defense of the guests with a goal, which provoked discussions. Rodri was ambushed in a pass in the middle of the Villa, but Tyrone Mings played with the ball, then gave it to the opponent. The Spaniard immediately found Bernardo Silva, who sent her to the top corner with a very nice shot. The guests claimed an ambush, and their manager Dean Smith even received a red card for his reaction, but the goal was conceded.

A minute before the end, the ball met Cash`s hand after a cross from Jesus - a penalty for City. Gundogan was accurate for the final 2:0.

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