Football prediction Lando Norris: It was difficult at the Sao Paulo Grand Prix. I didn`t eat or drink for two days, I lost almost 4 kg

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Pilot McLaren Lando Norris said that the Grand Prix of Sao Paulo experienced difficulties due to poor health.

Norris could miss the race due to suspected food poisoning - the team even warned Nick de Vries in advance and had the seat adjusted for him. By Friday, however, Norris felt well enough to drive the car.

On Saturday I was in a very bad state. On Sunday it got a little better - which is understandable, because I did not have time to really get tired in the race. I was already starting to get tired and really struggle due to my poor physical condition, but then my race was over. In general, I feel fine, I feel better every day, but what happened did not go unnoticed.

Especially since Thursday. I didn`t eat or drink for two days, I lost almost 4 kg. It was difficult. After the show on Friday everyone thought I was fine because I did well and we were fast, but it was quite the opposite. Now the main thing is to recover for the season finale in Abu Dhabi.

On Sunday I felt a little better and was able to eat a little before the race. And it was important, given the weather conditions. But I`m sure if the car hadn`t broken down and I got to the finish line of the race, I would have felt a lot worse. So in a sense, I was even lucky that I got off. Although the exit is still annoying, - said Norris.

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