Rashford: 'England can become the world champion!`

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England can become the world champion, according to the Manchester United striker Marcus Rashford.

'The three lions` are one win away from the qualification for the finals in Russia, but as it is known, at a great Championship, they have not achieved a breakthrough since 1996, when they reached the semi-finals of the European Championship. However, the young footballer believes in the potential of the team.

'We are working in accordance with a plan to go to the tournament in order to win it, and we are doing everything we can to succeed. We are realists, given our game by football365picks in recent matches, which is not very convincing, but when we qualify for the finals, we have to try to become the champions.`, said the footballer.

The British will meet Slovenia on Thursday and on Sunday they will visit Lithuania in their past two games of the campaign, as it would be a sensation if they do not win at least one of them. Yesterday the team was visited by legend Sir Bobby Charlton, who according to Rashford may serve as inspiration.

'He is a man who has become a world champion and will definitely inspire us. His words and memories are something that no one else can give us. These short conversations and the fact that he was around us will no doubt affect us very positively!`, concluded Rashford.

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