Amien slipped Monaco

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The Amiens and Monaco teams have failed to win a winner in their 13th round in League 1. The match analyzed by football livescores ended with a score of 1: 1, and it was not particularly good for guests who failed to seriously break their leadershipin the position of Paris Saint-Germain. The hosts took the lead in the 31st minute, when Serge Gakke received a nice pass, crossed his direct guard and scored 1-0.

Monaco threw himself to look for the equalization, but it came only in the 67th minute. Fabienio made a great break from his right and found Stevan Jovetic in the penalty area, and he fired his shot at 1: 1. But the efforts of the Monegasics to make a complete turn did not bring success and they had to settle for equality. After that, the team stays in the 2 nd place with 29 points, losing to 3 of the PSG leader, who is also less involved. Amiens recorded a third consecutive draw, and with 12 points he won the 17th place in the table.



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