The benes of Benvenuto continue

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Benetveno`s team is still waiting for his first Serie A. In a match of the 17th round of the Italian Championship, Benvenuto lost to home with 1:2 from JAL 2013. Benvenuto was not really far from the big event in the history of the club, as Michele Cremonesi`s own goal in the 59th minute gave the hosts a lead in the score. Veteran Sergio Flocari, however, defeated Benvenuto with two goals in 9 minutes. He first leveled in the 64th minute with a shot from a close distance on an empty door, and in 73th Lazio`s former striker again scored on an empty door, this time with an add-on after rescuing goalkeeper Goal Belets.

BALNEY is the 18th in the 14th place, while Benvenuto remains in the last 20th position with one point won after a 2-2 win on the guard of the team Alberto Brinjoli in the 95th minuteof the match predicted by football predictions with Milan from the 15th round.



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