Division titles for Kansas City, LA and Jacksonville

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Three new teams secured divisional titles on Christmas Eve in the NFL, and two others secured a place in the playoffs. Thus, the vacant positions for the last week of the regular season remained two in the AFC and one in the NFC.
For the second consecutive year Kansas City became champions of AFK West. Leaders would be seamlessly out of Miami with 29:13. Referee Karim Hunt scored a touchdown in a third consecutive match and Travis Kelsey also scored. Harrison Butcher added 31, 32, 21, 29 and 49 yards for Kansas City, which will be placed under No. 4 in the AFC Schedule.
LA Rems won their first NFK West title in 2003 after 27:23 as Tennessee guests. Todd Gurley made another frenzied match predicted by buy football picks with 118 yards fired, passes of 158 and two touchdowns. Jared Goff threw four touchdowns for the rams, whose new kicker Sam Finkon debuted with a missed kick for an extra point.
Tennessee`s loss made Jacksononville champions in AFC South. Jaguars had secured a playoff presence a week ago, but their ideas to fight for a break in the first round were burned off by San Francisco. NFC West Coast fish would be 44:33 and made Jimmy Garropolo the first quarterback in the history of the team began their career with victory in each of their first four starts.
New Orleans entered the NFC`s playoffs after 23:13 at home against Atlanta. Drew Bryce handed passes for 239 yards and entered the 70, 000 Club. New Orleans were flawless in defense of the game on the ground, limiting their opponent to the miserable 67 yards.
The other week, Atlanta will fight for the sixth position in the NFC against Carolina, reaching the playoffs after dramatic 22:19 against Tampa Bay. Three minutes before the end, the panthers lost four points when Patrick Murray missed 51 yards. In 145 seconds, Cam Newton took his team to the decisive touchdown, which he himself scored.

Baltimore -;Indianapolis 23:16

Green Bay -;Minnesota 0:16

Chicago -;Cleveland 20:3

Cincinnati -;Detroit 26:17

Tennessee -;LA Rems 23:27

Kansas City -;Miami 29:13

New England -;Buffalo 37:16

New Orleans -;Atlanta 23:13

NY Jets -;LA Charts 7:14

Washington -;Denver 27:11

Carolina -;Tampa Bay 22:19

San Francisco -;Jackson 44:33

Dallas -;Seattle 12:21

Arizona -;NY Cants 23:0

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