Azar shots in the Premiership, Azar Shield and the Bundesliga

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While Eden Hazard helped Chelsea`s success in the English championship, so did his brother, Thorgan Hazard, for his Borussia (Monchengladbach) in the German elite. The Belgian fired for the first and he himself made the second goal for the home win 2:0 over the unfortunate rival Augsburg in a 19th round match, with which the foals replaced Borussia (Dortmund) from the top 4.

In the 10th minute Torganput the ball on Mattias Gintner`s head for 1:0, and in the last minute made 2:0 after a long dribble.

Gladbach deserved much earlier to secure the three points, but the ball did not want to enter. Chief Judge Bibiana Steinhaus also contributed to this because, with two of his judgments, he broke out a discontent among the hosts. In the 29th minute, she saved a red card from Daniel Opere of the Augsburg team, after he held the detach himself against goalkeeper Raphael. In the 40th minute she did not give a penalty kick to Daniel Bayer.

The Bavarians made a very strong autumn but came in a bad series - one win in the last five rounds, and they are already eighth.





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