Beckham with a fracture of the ankle, Wot broke a knee

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The NY Giants season started in a dramatic direction after the fifth consecutive loss.The giants made ten defensive points in the last five minutes at home against LA Chargers and lost 22:27.The big drama, however, came three minutes before the end.Odel Beckham Jr., Giants`s sole surviving healthy wise drawer, received a fracture of the ankle and was pulled out on a stretcher.Beckham expected a new multi-million-dollar deal at the end of the season, but now his future is shrouded in ambiguity.
Houston lost Jay Wot for an indefinite time after the defense leader received a knee fracture.He left the pitch against Kansas City before the end of the first half, staying for the sixth consecutive match according record of football picks without a bag.The X-ray image revealed a broken tibial plaque on the left knee.Wat is out of bets for the current season, and in his absence Houston retreated with 34:42 to the only unbeaten NFL team after Alex Smith`s three-touch passport, finishing with 29 out of 37 for 324 yards and a 130.2 rating.
The US Vice President made a noisy scandal in the stands before the start of Indianapolis -;San Francisco.By order of the president, he quit leaving Lucas Oil Stadium furious with the protests during the performance of the anthem.In his absence two of the bottom fish of the League needed a sequel to determine who was less weak.Indianapolis won 26:23 after Adam Vinaytiri`s 51-yard prickle 98 seconds before the end of the extra time.
In response to the scandal, the owner of Dallas Jerry Jones announced that every player on his team who had boycotted an anthem from now on will be punished and will not be allowed to go to the field.Without such disciplinary sanctions, cowboys continued their free fall in the NFC East, losing 31:35 at home against Green Bay.Davonte Adams scored the decisive touchdown 11 seconds before the end of the regular time.

Tampa Bay -;New England 14: 19

Cincinnati -;Buffy 20: 16

Philadelphia -;Ariz. 34: 7

Cleveland -;NJJ 14: 17

Miami -;Tennessee 16: 10

Detroit -;Carol 24: 27

Indianapolis -;San Francisco 26:23 Prod.

Pittsburgh -;Jackson 9: 30

NY Giants -;LA Chargers 22: 27

Auckland -;Baltimore 17:30

LA Rems -;Seattle 10: 16

Dallas -;Green Bay 31: 35

Houston -;Kansas City 34:42

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