Toro carried away the witches and continued without loss before Christmas

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Torino`s team continues with their good games in Series A. The players of Walter Madzarry hit 3:0 Benvenuto in a match from the 22nd round of the championship. Thus the `bulls` continue without defeat in the Italian elite since mid-December, when they fell home from leader Napoli.

In the third minute, Jago Falke found the result with an accurate head shot. This is the ninth hit in the season for the Spaniard who is in great shape. In the 33rd minute, referee Maurizio Mariani showed a direct red card to Goalkeeper Belets. Mbaie Niang obstructed the Slovenian to put the ball into a game that pulled out of guard nerves and he strongly kicked the striker. As a result of the ugly incident, the wizards` coach Roberto De Jeremi had to take off the midfielder Philippe Djuricic and to place goalkeeper Alberto Brinjolie in his place.

A few minutes later, however, Niang matched the reserve with a nice shot to the right. In the final from record of football picks seconds of the first part, Joel Obi made a close addition to 3:0 as the situation grew to the edge of the ambush. At 3:0 the match played and so both teams are already thinking about their next trials, which are not light. Benevento accepts Napoli, and Toro visits Sampdoria.



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