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The Barcelona team took an easy 2-0 victory over their last Malaga match in the 28th round of La Liga. Everything was decided in the first half hour of the match, when Luis Suarez (15) and Philippe Coettinho (28) were right and Samuel Garcia (30) received a direct red card. Barca`s big star, Lionel Messi, did not play after she became daddy for the third time today and was released from her job. With success, the Catalans temporarily pulled 11 points ahead of the second Atletico Madrid. Real Madrid`s champion is 15 points behind the blagranas. On Wednesday evening, Camp Nou arrives Chelsea for a match predicted by football partners rematch from the 1/8-finals in the Champions League.

Ousmane Dembele got a chance to appear in the absence of Lionel Messi. Philippe Coettinho entered Andres Iniesta. Jose Gonzalez set up his team in a 4-4-2 with Diego Roland and Youssef En Nessiri in front.

The Catalans immediately moved to half the southern team. Their shares, however, did not jeopardize Roberto Jimenez`s door. In the 13th `Los Cules` they created the first very good goal. Coutinho has done a good job in the center, the referee gave a lead, and Paulinho took Luis Suarez. The Uruguay flies a defender and shoots to the near corner - goalkeeper Roberto managed to kill.

In the 15th minute, Jorge Alba centered magnificently to the left, Luis Suarez appeared between the two central defenders and scored with a head of 12 meters, the goalkeeper did not even move - 0:1. Malaga was the only team against which Lucio had no hit. After this goal number 9, he has already scored all 25 opponents in Primer against whom he faced. In the 21st Samuel Yumtiti took the ball to his feet, found Suarez, who brought Paulinho, and from a small angle the Brazilian shot past the close beam. Paulinho could also look at his Uruguayan teammate waiting for the ball. In the 28th Dembele, he got his right into the penalty area, holding and firing on the first beam to Kouttinho, who technically managed with a heel, sending the ball in the opposite corner - 0:2.

Two minutes later, Samuel Garcia went roughly into Alba`s footstool and just received a direct red card. Samu had no chance to play with the ball and the left defender was lucky that his foot did not stay on the ground. The 36th `blanky blues` could have inspired more audience confidence, but En Nesseri missed a perfect position. Manuel Itura pulled from Paulinho and centered to the right to the far beam where En Nessiri fired his head, sending the ball inches from the goal.

In the 39th Geraard Pique did not get a good shot, the ball fell to Diego Rolan, who shot a bit above the beam. In the 42nd Paulinho handed to Kouttinho, who technically sought the far corner - goalkeeper Roberto plundered and killed. As a whole, the Barcellons largely decided things in the first half and retired quietly on vacation. The tempo fell in the second half. Camp Nou customers continued to dictate. In the 48th minute Dembele shoots attractive from the air. In the 55th he assisted to Yumtiti, but the defender did not point exactly with his head. The hosts attacked less frequently, and even more rarely ended their attacks. In the 74th in a game for barcelona players appeared Andre Gomes, who played as a right back.

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