Tim Werner entered the story, but the RB seemed to lose the silver

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For the fourth consecutive time, the silver medalist RB (Leipzig) failed to win in the Bundesliga, which is now 6 points from the second Schalke 04. This afternoon Ralf Hahnhuttel`s team failed to cope with Stuttgart and the Mercedes Benz Benz Arena ended 0:0.

Razenbalsport had a few excellent opportunities, but he never found the net. Timo Werner wasted two of the positions, one of which had even gone alone against the goal keeper. For the German national it was a special day. With his participation he became the youngest player with 150 games from football partners in the Bundesliga. Werner set out for Stuttgart`s big football, but his return was not well accepted by the hosts who cheered him whenever possible.

Stuttgart has enjoyed its strongest season since the start of the season and has not lost in the sixth consecutive game.



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